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Play for a Day!

Drama workshops can be used to introduce or conclude topic work, to ease transition, to promote inclusion and for revision. The play performed at the end of the day is a 10-15 minute ensemble piece using inventive theatre techniques such as physical theatre. We encourage that if you have room, the rest of the school and parents are invited to watch the play at the end of the day. Play in a Day has many benefits as not only it introduces theatre skills and techniques they may not have previously used in school but it also increases confidence as pupils are encouraged to take part by praises given throughout the day, it helps to introduce specific issues in a creative and non-judgmental way, it empowers the pupils who find solutions to issues collectively, it improves concentration and gives a great sense of achievement as all pupils feel they have done a very good job at the end of the day, pupils also work as a team and improve their communication skills, etc. Talk to us about what specific topic or issue you would like covered and we will recommend a play for you. We provide a certificate of achievement for the students involved which provides an even greater sense of achievement at the end of the day.