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"The Lonely Bridge Song" takes us to a place where there is No tranquility, only dark days and even darker Read More

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"Drama as it's most powerful – a compelling play"
Shattered loyalties, Birmingham Evening Mail

"The Lonely bridge Song" takes us to a place where there is No tranquility, only dark days and even darker nights.. Lonely souls numbed by fear isolation. This is the place the homeless dwell
The Lonely Bridge, The Metro

“Louise, according to the blurb, "lives for jazz". An excellent singer, she uses music as an outlet for her problems, and as the play develops we soon realise the wealth of problems she faces: childhood violence, problems with men, and most importantly with herself, all emerge as Louise's monologue progresses. Interrupted only by occasional songs, backed on the piano by the play's only supporting character, it becomes clear that music is the only outlet she has. (...) A well executed concept, which was just the right length to hold the attention throughout.”
Playing Life, Three Weeks, Rating 4/5

“MTV meets Girl Interrupted in this teen angst filled production (...) This exploration of the forces behind teen suicide holds much relevancy in today's society and certainly forces one to leave with something to think about. Remarkable performances by the young cast (Possibly the best I've seen all festival) certainly managed to keep me engaged and the movement based vignettes were visually intriguing and gave the production an almost music video-like edge. If you get the chance to see it, there's a good chance you'll be able to catch the stars of tomorrow today.”
The Exit, ThreeWeeks, Edinbrugh Fringe Rating 4/5

“This was a powerful and original exercise in Aids awareness which remarkably also offered considerable entertainment”
Solo dance, Birmingham Evening Mail

Feedback from audiences, schools & partners:

“An extremely powerful cross arts performance…demonstrating high quality skills ... and exploring drugs issues in a very dynamic and real way”.

“Stunning work, we are all so impressed”

“The discussion was informative and allowed students to disclose feelings and opinions, in a safe and friendly environment, without fear of failure.”

“Hard-hitting live performance”

“Pupils were fully engaged through the performance and workshop. They really enjoyed what they were doing and have clearly taken something away from the day.”

“Excellent role models …powerful performance and project”